Benefits & Device Features

Our devices will allow you to feel hair free, care free in no time. Elettra is the latest and most advanced in At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Technology. Not only do we guarantee hair reduction; the devices also feature a special 'Skin Rejuvenation' mode which is perfect to rejuvenate, brighten, and tighten your skin.


Guaranteed Hair Reduction Notice a significant decrease in hair growth within the first 4 weeks. The weekly shaving routine that you hate so much? Soon, it’ll be out of sight.. out of mind.

Skin Rejuvenation Our handset includes a Skin Rejuvenation feature at the Level 1 light setting of the device. By using it on the body, it stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibre; helping to brighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite.

Fast At-Home Treatments Worried it will take up a lot of time and effort? Not with this device! Our Automatic Glide & Flash setting allows you to treat large areas, like your legs, quickly and with minimal effort.

Pain Free Treatment There’s no need to feel anxious, like you would before a waxing session. You’ll just feel a warm sensation on the skin, with the highest setting feeling like a light flick of a band.

One Time Investment Save more money in the long run. No more disposable razors, regular waxing & expensive laser treatments.

Hair Removal without Flaws Forget the ugly after effects of other hair removal methods. No more razor bumps, discolouration, long term skin irritation and stubbly hair regrowth.

Goodbye Ingrowns With every treatment, your hair becomes finer and will eventually stop the follicles’ ability to produce hair… preventing ingrowns from even happening!

Treat Any Body Part From your legs, arms and stomach to the delicate areas: the lady stache, sideburns and Brazilian.

Safe For Sensitive Skin Finally, a hair removal solution for babes with sensitive skin. A welcoming alternative for getting hair free skin, without permanent skin irritation.


Device Features

Advanced Safety Sensors Never worry about accidentally flashing the device on areas you're not supposed to. Our device is built with safety sensors that allow it to only flash when in contact with skin and the skin tones it can treat.

8 Adjustable Light Settings We give you specific instructions of which Light Setting would best suit your skin tone. The device will automatically save your previous setting for your future treatments.

Glide & Flash Auto Mode This unique feature allows you to treat large areas such as your legs, arms or tummy with minimal effort and no complicated buttons. It will automatically flash every 1-3 seconds as long as the device is in contact with your skin. 

Gentle Manual Mode Have complete control with treating smaller and delicate areas such as the face, underarms and bikini.

600,000 Flashes Our device will last you for over 20 years when used as directed. That means: years of hair free skin with minimal touch ups and your money otherwise spent on razors or other hair removal, saved.



Spectrum >550nm

Maximum Optical Energy 7.82~15.31J

Rated Voltage 100V-240V

Rated Frequency 50Hz- 60Hz

Pulse Duration 1.1 +/- 0.2ms

Size 179 x 70 x 35 (mm)

Net Weight 209g


*Please check that this product is suitable for you prior to purchasing.

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