What to Look for in an IPL Provider for Dark Skin Treatments

While IPL hair removal treatment might seem an easy way to remove unwanted hair, it might not be suitable for those who have darker skin tones.

Dark skin usually contains a higher melanin count compared to fair skin. Using IPL devices on such melanin-rich skin results in heat absorption by the skin cells. This leads to severe discoloration and damage.

However, there is certain developed IPL technology used by clinicians that is termed suitable for dark skinned patients. Nonetheless, it’s essential you look for the right provider for dark skin IPL treatment before you make the move. Here’s how.

Some Qualifications to Look for in an IPL Provider

Understanding qualifications is essential since they play a role in determining treatment quality and safety. When it comes to choosing the right IPL provider for treatment, here’s what you can do to get started.

  • Ask About Experience

See the kind of training or expertise your IPL treatment provider has. It’s best to opt for someone who is highly certified and has extensive knowledge of treating skin concerns of various kinds.

  • Glance Their Portfolio

Look at their portfolio of patients they’ve treated over the years (especially those with dark skin) This will help you gauge their expertise and the kind of treatments you can expect.

  • Get to Know Hygiene Standards

See the equipment and medical devices they use for treatment as well as the hygiene standards the provider follows at the practice. You’ll want to go with someone who uses high-quality and maintained devices best suit your skin type and condition.

  • Understand Pricing

Know what your IPL provider charges at the practice and the financial options they’ve to offer. In-office IPL treatment could be expensive so make sure you get a clear quite beforehand.

Some Safety Considerations to Understand

It’s necessary that you get to know the underlying safety concerns before proceeding with your dark skin IPL treatment. Understand that IPL is not suitable for those that have disorders related to skin resurfacing, severe keloid scarring, sunburns, vitiligo etc.

The outcome of the treatment depends not only on your present skin condition but also several other factors like the equipment used and overall skills of the practitioner. IPL also requires good aftercare to fully benefit from the treatment and will also impact the end results in the long run.

IPL Before and After Care for Optimal Results

Dermatologists suggest before and after care for IPL to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your treatment. Here are some essentials to follow before and after your dark skin IPL treatment.

First things first, it’s recommended you shave any hair on your skin before heading to the clinic. Avoid any type of sun exposure and tanning 4 weeks prior to the treatment as well as any chemical peels. Also, skip any medications for blood-thinning. Your practitioner will suggest you avoid any perfumes or skin irritants on the day of your treatment.

Following your treatment, make sure you avoid exposure to the sun. Apply good sunscreen having an SPF of a minimum of 30 and protect your treated area by providing as much shade as possible.

How to Build Trust and Make Your IPL Treatment Successful

For starters, you can ask your practitioner for a patch test for your dark skin during your non-obligatory consultation (if you’re unsure whether IPL is right for you). Speaking to your practitioner, asking open-ended questions, and understanding better about your skin condition will help you forge a sense of trust during your treatment.

You can also ask your practitioner to keep you updated during each visit, that’ll further increase your chances of treatment success.

Now that you’re ready for treatment and what you can expect from your practitioner for dark skin IPL treatment, ensure you follow all the tips and guidelines above for a successful outcome. Or, if you want to eliminate all the hassles and expensive costs of in-clinic IPL treatment, you can simply order Elettra Skin’s IPL Hair Removal Device.

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