How Does it Compare to Other Hair Removal Methods?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it’s quickly growing in popularity as the most effective, painless home hair removal method. This clinically-proven technology has been used by salons and dermatologists for more than 15 years, but DIY devices are new to the market. Now, you can painlessly and permanently prevent hair regrowth at home with the power of light.

Although the technology is often referred to as a laser, these are actually light waves and they’re quite similar to a camera flash. The Deluxe IPL device can power 600,000 flashes, which typically lasts for circa 20 years. For your eye safety, the device is designed to only flash when the entire treatment window is covered and pressed against your skin.

As the light flashes, this wave energy is absorbed by the melanin, or colour pigment, in your hair. This transfer creates heat, which damages the hair follicle and puts it into a kind of ‘sleep state’ to prevent regrowth. The targeted light beams destroy the hair follicle itself, but it won’t hurt surrounding tissue or your skin. In fact, this heating process has been shown to kickstart collagen and elastin production, so your skin is likely to look even better than before!

How IPL Stacks Up

  • Shaving. According to a published study, women spend approximately 1,728 hours (10 weeks!) shaving their legs over a lifetime. Conservatively, even if you only purchased the cheapest disposable razors, it’s estimated that you’ll spend nearly $6,000! Plus, for many women, prickly skin comes back within 24-48 hours, so you’ll need to shave again soon.
  • Waxing. The pain of waxing alone is a cost to consider! Financially, professional waxing can cost nearly $30,000 over your lifetime and even if you try to cut costs and go DIY, that will cost more than $8,000. For most women, waxing lasts considerably longer than shaving, but still requires painful treatments every three to four weeks.
  • Salon Laser. Most professional salon laser treatments recommend six sessions for permanent results. Although each session only takes around 45 minutes, you also have to factor in driving time, the inconvenience of scheduling, and sitting in the waiting room. On average, treating only your legs will cost between $2,000-$4,000!
  • Elettra The DIY device delivers permanent, painless results at home and on your schedule. Plus, there are no refills, or replacement lamps you need to worry about. We also can't forget the new Skin Rejuvenation mode! So the one-time low cost is all you’ll ever have to spend for the next 20 years! Simply treat your skin once a week during the 8-12 week regimen and then maintain once a month for long-lasting results.

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